Help Needy Children Abandoned babies in Kenya need your help


The home is situated at (Diani Beach - Galu Kinondo) some 35 km south of Mombasa-Kenya and currently houses 21 children and their caretakers. The caretakers consist of a house-mother, a house-father and three assistants who work in shifts. There are also two grounds men who tend to the fruit and vegetable garden.

All money raised goes towards the Children’s welfare. The home started taking shape when well-wishers within the community got involved by donating a piece of land and another donor designed the village free-of-charge. The Diani Children’s Village received funds contributed by both local and international well-wishers. The first house was completed and the children moved from a small rented house into their new home in 2000.

A few years ago we built a workshop and a library/computer-room. The workshop's main aim is to teach the children some basic skills to ensure their employment opportunities in the future, while the plan for the library is to make it a community project so that the children from around the community may have access to books and information.