Help Needy Children Abandoned babies in Kenya need your help


Currently there are 21 children staying at the Diani Children’s Village, aged between 1 and 18 years old. Most of the children are orphaned, neglected or abandoned.

Sometimes children are brought by the police and sometimes we are contacted by hospitals or members of the public who know of a child in need. For a child to get a place at the home a lot of investigations have to be carried out and the District Children’s Department makes the final decision.

Once the children reach the age of 4 years old they attend a school within the location called “St Elizabeth Nursery School” and “St Angelo Primary School” Academy, which are a few kilometers away.
The reason for not educating the children at the home is that, we would like them to integrate with other children from different families and backgrounds, which will give them a normal life atmosphere as necessary. During their free time, we encourage the children to take part in sports and some training for basic skills at the furniture workshop, dress-making, gardening and to take part in our self-generating income projects.

Several of our children have joined boarding schools, and the young adults attend college and university and do come back home during their holiday.

Most of the older youngsters who grew up at the home are now working and pursuing their professional careers .They occasionally visit, share and also encourage their smaller brothers and sisters.

We also have some youngsters who did not grow up at DCV, aged between 16 and 25, who benefit from our educational program. They also come to the home when their school or college closes and get involved by helping-out with daily tasks.