Nieuws Diani Children’s Village
# 04/2012

Dear Friends and Supporters,
we have great pleasure in writing you to update you on the progress of the Children and the Home over the last quarter.

As you know, a Children?s Home is a life long commitment to the Children who, for whatever reason, end up staying at the Diani Children?s Village as their Home and the members of the Committee, the Management, the House Mothers their guide and mentors, and the other children their family.

We have been very lucky to have many of the older Children, now Young Adults, leave the Home to begin their own lives on their own either in institutions of higher education, or as useful members of society, earning their own income and importantly, being mentors to the younger Children still at the Home.

Ruth- attended and completed a diploma course at the Nairobi Institute of Fine Arts, and is currently working in a consultancy office. She volunteers at an Art Gallery, and attends evening classes studying 3D design. She lives in Nairobi, and we are very happy with her progress.

Peris- lives and works in Mombasa, and is currently an administrative assistant in a doctor?s office. In May, she will begin a bridging course at Mount Kenya University to improve her maths grade. She then intends to join a training program with one of the biggest bank in Kenya, where if she is successful, she stands a very good chance of being offered a job.

Edward- has just finished a gap year, during which he worked as a support staff at the Home. He also successfully did his driving test, and now has his driving licence. He too has moved out of the House, and in May will enrol at the Mombasa Technical Training Institute, to study a community and service course. He intends to become a social worker.

Helen- has just completed her last year of high school. She performed very well attaining a B average. We have been able to reunite her with her Grandfather in Nairobi, and they have happily taken her in to their family. They have also pledged to sponsor all her needs going forward.

In our last newsletter, we wrote that Baby Faith had been transferred to Nairobi, as the Children?s Department did not allow the Home to keep her due to her HIV status. Five months after her move to Nairobi, Baby Faith passed away. Her passing has brought great sadness to everyone, and especially the House Mothers who tirelessly looked after her.

As part of our commitment to helping the Children to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally, we have been seeking the services of a Counsellor to help the Children who have difficult and traumatic pasts, and also to help them in making decisions on career selection. We have been lucky to have this service offered by a lady named Donatus. Her help has been of immense value, and she has even started giving the House Mothers some basic counselling lessons so that they can deal with some of the smaller issues immediately.

The rest of the smaller children are all doing very well, and continue to grow. The projects are running well, and contributing to the operations of the Home.

Our current challenge is to meet the rather high fees for colleges and universities and appeal to anyone who would like to assist.

We hope that you will continue to support the Home as it goes forward in bringing up what is fast becoming a family of bright and industrious individuals.

With best regards,

Diani Children?s Village


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