Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 07/2007

A big thank you to all sponsors and well-wishers who are making it possible for us to run the Home, we are very greatful for your continued support and are proud to write to you again informing you about the children and progress made.

The three little ones are doing very well and are very happy running around.

Humphrey and Helen are studying very hard for their exams in November this year.
They are the next ones to finish Primary Education and are looking forward to move on to Secondary School in January 2008.

One of the youngsters, Solomon who was sponsored via Diani Children’s Village has now completed a 3-year medical study and will start his working experience at one of the local hospitals before going for further studies.  One of the other youngsters, Jackson has worked as a volunteer at DCV for the past 12 months and is waiting to be accepted at a Teachers College.

In the last newsletter we reported that there were difficulties with both chicken projects.
The situation became worse after many weeks of very heavy rain.  Both houses need to be repaired for us to be able to run the projects. We sincerely hope to be able to start the repairs soon so that the layers and broilers can be productive in the high tourist season.

The outside kitchen and canteen have now nearly been finished. 
We are in the process of raising funds to furnish the area with tables and benches and other necessities.

On behalf of the children, staff-and committee members, we would like to express our sincere thanks for all your hard work in raising funds for our project.

With best regards   
DCV team


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