Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 03/2017

New Little Steps in a New Year

February is almost at an end and the pace of happenings at the Home shows no sign of slowing down. There is always the urgency to keep ahead of the game in trying to meet the needs of the Children despite the circumstances.

One of our Committee members, Tim, is quite a talented artist and he has produced miniature figurines that are for sale in the shop. There is a complete band ready and available.

There is the constant need to reduce expenses wherever possible without compromising on the quality of care that the Children receive. Electricity is one area that is a constant battle. A sponsor from Germany has very kindly donated an array of Solar Panels which are now used to charge large deep cycle batteries from which the security lights, all the lights in the main house and some of the wall sockets are connected to.

The furniture workshop showroom and finishing project is now under way. As one of the very important income generating projects, the woodwork shop will now have its? own separate location where the finished goods will be put on display. This will hopefully increase the visibility of the products that are being produced and it is our hope that this will translate directly in to increased orders. Thank you to those generous donors who have made this possible.

The rescue centre aspect of the Home continues to rise in importance. Aviguel is one of the children who was brought to the Home after she and three other children were rescued from their traffickers by the police. It turned out that she had been starved and had been mistreated and had broken bones in both her legs and her pelvis was fractured. She is making a remarkable recovery and she should soon be able to start the process of moving around independently as children her age should.

It is the smiling faces of the Children and the ?ordinary? problems that the young adults face that are victories in the work that the Team at the Home does. Much of this is due to the support that we receive from you that makes it possible for the Home to create the environment for lives to be lived as normal as possible.

Thank you.

Diani Children's Village Support Team


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