Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 01/2011

Jambo Sana from Diani Children's Village.

Just before the year ends, we would like to give you an update on the children's home! In general the children are doing very fine, everyone is healthy and growing well. Kimani graduated from primary and Edward from secondary school, they are both eagerly waiting for their results and cannot wait to join secondary school and college respectively in the country.

Jackson, one of the young people who's college fees was paid for by one DCV?s sponsors has just been employed by the Mombasa Club in the accounts department. This is a big achievement and it is a great joy to see someone actually becoming fully financially independent.

In our last newsletter we talked about the two Masai children, Mayenne & Damaris. We are happy to let you know that both children have been reconciled with their parents. After some counseling sessions with the local chief, an educated Masai lady, the family now has understood the importance of sending the children to school. A lot of awareness is being done in the area to stop parents from marrying off their young daughters and instead allowing them to get an education. We will still be in close contact with the children and monitor the situation. They will also visit us as the children at the home had become very close friends.

The home has a new project, Trunz Water Systems, which is a mobile water treatment system introduced by Tomas Planke The system is fully powered by integrated photovoltaics and a wind generator. The result is absolute clean drinking water. The children can now access drinking water free of charge and the surplus is being sold to the community at an affordable price. Additional energy produced by the solar panel and wind generator supply power to the chicken projects and security lights.

A few days ago we received two small baby's. Baby Alan , born on the 27th december, he was found in a pitlatrine and spend his first few days in hospital. Baby Ester , born on the 29th december , her mother passed away shortly after giving birth. We found some relatives who don?t want to have anything to do with the baby as she is HIV positiv. Currently she is on anti-retroviral drugs and the chances are high for her condition to reverse. On behalf of the children, staff-and committee members we would like to wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011!

With best regards

DCV team


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