Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 12/2012

Dear Friends and Sponsors of Diani Children's Village,
we are glad to inform you about the progress of the Children and the project in general.

All the children have grown tremendously and doing very well. Esther is now walking (running) and Alan is just about to take his first steps! Alan has been very sick and in and out of hospital. He has just been diagnosed with a lactose intolerance disorder, which has probably been the cause of his slow development. We hope that he will improve during the next few months so that he also will be strong enough to be able to walk .

Grace has just finished her From 4 exams and is currently at the Home waiting for the results to come out. Although on competitive basis Hellen has been able to secure a place in one of the local universities in the country and looking forward to pursue her career in community development, Hellen is one of the lucky young adult who has been able to integrate with her family and have given her a lot of assistance especially to continue with her education.

Joy and Manu graduated from Kindergarten to primary school, they both look forward to start this new venture in January!

There are three new children at the Home: Carlos-10yrs, Asha-8yrs & Stephen-2yrs. The parents are drug addicts and the children were living on the streets and rescued by members of the public. We are trying to have to mother released from prison so that she can be rehabilitated and look after her children, however this will take time! In the meantime the children need to start school in January - we are looking for some sponsors! Kindly contact us if you are able to help.

Some of the young adults who grew up at the Home visit their younger sisters and brothers on a regular basis. They share their experiences with those who will also soon leave the home and start their life outside. It has been very encouraging to see how they interact and we believe the younger ones will greatly benefit from their experiences outside the Home.

Although with a very high cost of production, the projects have been able to operate throughout the season. We currently have a flock of 250 layers, 100 of which are already laying and 250 broillers.

With enough rains we have been able to produce vegetables and fruits from our small garden and thus cutting down our vegetable and fruit purchases.

Ishmael, our workshop carpenter, has been quite busy with orders from well wishers around Diani and from Makobe school for disabled children.

We really appreciate all our friends and sponsors who have stood in support of the project, especially in such difficult times where finances are scarce and difficult to get.

Asante Sana.

DCV Team


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