Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 08/2010

We are happy once again to update you on what is happening at the Children's Village.

In our last newsletter we talked about the new law concering children over the age of 18 years old not being able to remain at the Home. This concept has been a challenge for us since most of our young people will not have finished their education by this time. However, we have come up with a programm which will enable the Home to establish background details about some of the children.

Children who are lucky to have some of their relatives traced are encouraged home visition accompanied by a volunteer social worker. This sounds easier than it is in reality since most of the distant relatives are hostile and afraid the children will be a burden to them.

The two Masai children, Damaris & Mayenne are still at the Home as the court keeps on postponing their hearing. We have enrolled them in school as they are waiting for the court to decide what will happen to them. Currently we are looking for some assistance to meet their schoolfees, in case you can help please call or write us an email.

Helping the young adults to choose a career path has been a challenge, however, after guidance from some of the committee members we have been able to guide some of them.

For instance, Moses, recently started a technical college in Mombasa where he is following a mechanics course for two years. Peris and Ruth have been accepted at the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in Nairobi and are both so excited about their college life!

Our workshop has continued to grow as time goes by. We have continued to sell furniture not only to the locals but also to other projects in the area. One of them is the Makobe project , a school with a unit for disabled children located in the Shimba Hills. Its main objective is to provide children with a disability with an education and also help them learn some practical skills.

On behalf of the children , staff and committee members we would like to thank you very much for your continous committment and support.

DCV Team


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