Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 04/2013

Receive many greetings from Diani Children?s Village. We are approaching the end of our summer that the cooling long rains are not far off, and eagerly anticipated by all!

Kenya is currently riding on a wave of euphoria with the just concluded General Elections, and the Inauguration of our New President. It is encouraging to see how much attention the young adults gave the whole process. It certainly augurs well for the democratic future of Kenya.

We are happy to update you on the progress of the Children and the home in general.

Allan and Esther have grown tremendously and running all over the house. Allan has been in and out of Hospital, with infections, and the end result has been the removal of his tonsils and adenoids. He is recovering very well.

Emmanuel and Joy are happy in their new school and keeping up the hard work. Joy has done tremendously well coming first in her class in her first class one exams. Henry,Freddie and Cliff are also doing very well and now in class two.

In our last newsletter we informed you of 3 children (Carlos, Asha and Steven) who had been placed at the home as their mother was in police custody. Recently, the court and children officer in charge, released the children to their mother after her case was cleared. The situation is being monitored closely to make sure the children are fine. Many thanks to all of you who responded to our plea for financial assistance to support these children.

Grace ? has just completed her high school and attained a mean of C- In December, she secured herself a training position in the animation section of one of the Hotels. This has already changed her a lot and the experience and exposure will assist her in choosing her future career.Hellen has joined Moi University in Narok county,to pursue a degree in Community Development. She is great inspiration and source of encouragement to her younger sisters and brothers at the home.

With more teenagers finishing their high schools education, it is becoming an increasing challenge to support these young adults through the tertiary education level, as the fee requirements are very high.

It is one of the Diani Children?s Village?s principles that where possible, every Child must have the best possible education as this is key to their future and to achieve an independent and successful life.

On behalf of the children and committee members we would like to thank you very much for your wonderful and continuous support.

DCV Team


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