Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 06/2011

Greetings from the Children and Staff of the Home.

The last few months have been unusually busy with the Home receiving four new infants and one toddler. One can only begin to imagine what a strain this places on the staff and other resources. They have been coping very well and have managed to work out a routine that allows adequate attention to be given to all the Children.

Baby Esther has grown tremendously and at 5,5 months weights 9kg! She is a jolly baby with a equally healthy appetite. She is now able to sit up on her own. Baby Allan has struggled probably as a result of the time he spent in the pit latrine. He too has gained weight, though only 6,5kg. He is a happy baby and he is being monitored closely to ensure he continues to grow normally.

There are two new babies, Timothy, who was brought to the Home when he was 2 days old, and efforts are ongoing to try and get his biological parents to take up the responsibility of him. The Children?s Department is helping with this, and there is some success. Baby Faith

The other baby is called Faith. She was brought to the home when she was 2 days old. She was abandoned by her mother at the local police station. She weighed only 1,7kg and being so small it has been very difficult to keep her growing. This is because there is no know history about the mother. She has since disappeared.

Also a new addition to the Home is Senice, who we estimate is 2,5 years old. Her mother also abandoned her, and efforts are being made to find out any information about any relatives who may be in the area.

There is one success story. An 8 month old baby whom we called Clifton was abandoned by his mother in a guest room in Ukunda and rescued by members of the Public. Enquiries were made by Home, and relatives were found in Mtito Andei, which is half way to Nairobi, and through the Courts, he was reunited with his grand mother. At last report the family was doing very well. Senice

All the rest of the Children are doing well at school and in their activities around the Home. We have been blessed with good rainfall this year so the garden is full of vegetables and this is important as the prices of basic foodstuff has risen sharply.

The Chicken project has had the building housing the broilers renovated, which was essential with the heavy rains that we are experiencing. The fist new batch of chicks arrives in mid- June and hopefully will be ready for market in mid to end August. There is a new batch of chickens in the Free Range layers project, and they have just begun to lay eggs. Baby Cliffton

The workshop has been busy with a big order ongoing of school desks for Makobe School for the Handicapped and Sunshine for Kids Academy. The young adults are all doing well. Ruth is preparing to do her final exams at the Buru Buru Academy of Fine Arts, and looking for a job in Nairobi. Both Moses and Humphrey have apprenticeships in two very reputable vehicle workshops, as part of their training at the Government Institute of Technical Studies.

We continue to provide support for the young adults where possible, and to encourage them to develop the skills needed to become fully financially independent.

Our deepest Thanks to those who have supported the Home, and we do hope that you will continue to assist in giving those young people hope and the best possible start at becoming valuable and responsible members of society.

With best wishes, and ASANTE SANA,

DCV Team


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