Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 06/2015

Dear Sponsors & Well-Wishers,

we would like to update you on some developments at the Diani Children?s Village over the last few months. Over the last 20 years, the Home has offered abused, neglected children and orphans a safe environment where they can grow up and receive education to help them lead a normal independent life.

Apart from functioning as a Children?s Home, we are now also a rescue center. This means that children can temporarily be placed at the Home by the Children?s Department pending investigations of their cases.

In an earlier newsletter, we featured Emmanuel Junior who was placed under our care when another Children?s Home was closed down due to mis-management. Our team/social worker were able to locate the biological father of the child and after a 6 months observation period, the father and child have been reunited. Two other girls who also featured in our previous newsletter, Evelyne (1 ) and Mary(12), have settled in very well. Mary joined school and is performing every well.

The photo shows them when they arrived at DCV and how they have improved in three months time after receiving love and care. It is amazing to see how little Evelyne looks healthy and is a happy toddler who never stops smiling!

Given the current difficult financial situation globally, raising funds to run the Home has become increasingly difficult. Unlike some other projects that can be ?put on hold? if there is a shortage of funds, Children cannot be put on hold. Their lives continue, and it is the greatest challenge for the Home?s administration to see that the funds keep coming in to ensure continuity in the raising of the Children. Any assistance for us to be able to continue running the Home would be highly appreciated.

Your DCV Team


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