Newsflash Diani Children’s Village
# 03/2010

Lots of changes at the Home during the last few months! We have had several visits from the Children's Department to discuss the future of the children/young adults. The law was changed recently and we were informed that children can only stay at the Home until they reach the age of 18 years.

One of the reasons is the fact that there are many young children who would need assistance, but cannot be placed as older ones are not moving on.

In reality this is usually very difficult as most children will not have finished their secondary education at this stage. We have come to a mid-way solution where we have employed someone who actively tries to find any living relatives of the children. Once a relative has been found, we try to create a bond over a period of time so that the children can get used to them.

Once the children start their secondary school, we try to encourage them to stay with their relatives over the holidays so that they are not completely left in the dark once they have to move on. We will continue to assist with education, but encourage them to live an idependant life.

We will fight for those without any living relatives to be allowed to remain at the home until they are independant. Cliff is one of our new children at the Home and has settled in very well. He loves the company of the other young ones and together they have a lot of fun.

Two more children were rescued by members of the public. A 14 year old Masai girl called Damaris had been married off to a 40 year old man who took here and her young brother to Mombasa to live with him. We are not sure yet what will happen now, the Children's Department is working on their case.

The order for the furniture workshop keep on coming in on a regular basis. The earning from the workshop has really assisted the home in paying some of the staff's salaries. The chicken and eggs are also very much in demand and have helped to cover some montly expenses. Many thanks to everyone who keeps on ordering our products!

On behalf of all children, staff and committee members, many thanks for your fantastic support!

DCV Team


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